Old Book

Meet our three founders, Josh, Myranda, and Eric. These guys have been gamers since way back.

During the pandemic of 2020, this group of ragamuffins decided it was time to embark on a new adventure and finally realize a lifelong dream. After an intensive remodel, and many games of Zombicide later, the Adventurer's Guild was formed. Located in downtown Veneta, Oregon, the Adventurer's Guild is the premier place to come hang out, play some games, paint some models, and shop for all your gamer hobby needs. 

Your adventure starts here!



Josh is a lover of all things hobby and will dive into anything he can get his hands on. He is a 3D printing machine, and an all around good sport when he loses to his wife, Myranda, whenever they play Catan.

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Josh Meyer


Myranda started out as a video game geek, who with age, has matured into the board game gal you see before you. Crafty, with a good hand for miniature painting, she will happily take forever to paint Josh's Warhammer armies.

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Myranda Kelly


Eric is our game master. He can tell you all about who, what, where, when, and why! He has been a board game nut since he was just a wee lad and truly is a wealth of knowledge and sass. He is the master painter of the group and will only take moderately less than Myranda to paint Josh's Warhammer armies, mostly because he is too busy painting his own. 

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Eric Smith