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  • I want something that is out of stock, or not listed in your store, what can I do?
    Don't ever hesitate to reach out to us about items you would like to see in store. If something says out of stock, there is always a chance we can get it back in stock quickly. We are a small shop and your feedback on what you want to see in store is important! Email us at and let us know! We are happy to special order you anything that we can get that we do not have in the store, free of any service fees. If it is a large item, we may ask for a percentage of the total cost as a down payment. Specialty orders will be held for 30 days unless previous arrangements were discussed. If the time has gone by and we have not heard back from you after multiple attempts at contact, the down payment will be reclaimed as a stocking fee.
  • Is the Guild space available for private events?
    Yes! Please reach out to us at 541-300-8495 or via email at to work out the details of what you are looking for!
  • Do you guys offer free events?
    Of course! We have our Initiate Game Nights, which is a free event for all! Also, all visitors are entitled to one free demo session of a card game, a board game, a tabletop demo or an RPG session. This also includes instructional events. We will work hard to make sure that there are free events throughout the year so that everyone has a chance to try something new!
  • Everyone says that Myranda is the coolest out of the shop owners, is that true?
    Yes, yes it is. What an excellent question!
  • How do your TTRPG sessions/campaigns work?
    TTRPGs will be $5 a seat, per session, and there is no need to pay for sessions that you do not attend. There is no need to pay in advance and there is no penalty for missing, however if you are not able to attend the times set for you regularly, your position may have to be given to another willing participant. We will work to include you in a different group if your schedule allows. 10% off related accessories while in attendance. Consumable materials will be provided for the cost of playing the game. Check out our EVENTS page for more details!
  • Can I bring one of my own games to play in store?
    Absolutely! There is a $5 fee per person for table space for all games unless it is Initiation Game Night, or you (and/or your party) are a Guild Member. We reserve the right to waive this fee for any reason at any time.
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