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Adventurers may become Guild Members by visiting us at our shop in Veneta, Oregon. Membership is $20 a month. Give us the secret password (Psst! The password for 2022 is “I have Wood for Sheep”) and you’re in! 


Membership includes, but is not limited to:


  • A Guild Tee Shirt. This is for first time sign up only!

  • Automatic 10% savings on all purchases while your Guild Membership is in effect*

  • The base entrance fees for most games and events will be waived (2-hour rules apply if busy)*

  • You will have priority in reserving times and tables at the shop.

  • You can officially proclaim yourself as a “Guild Member”, which is pretty nifty.

  • Eric will pick on you moderately less… or more. I don’t know, he does what he wants.

  • Other goodies/surprises, and exclusive events might be available to Guild Members throughout the year!

Guild Membership will be month to month subscription, with no recurring charges. You can start and stop at membership at any time. You want to save even more? Check out our extended membership packages available below.


Membership pricing is as follows:

  • One month - $20 (base price, with renewal required monthly)

  • Three months - $55 (that’ll save you $5!)

  • Six months - $85 (that’s a savings of $35!)

  • One year - $140 (that’s a whopping $100 savings!)

Come In

*Some exclusions may apply.